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BRF Nutrition 101: Eating out with Dad.

It’s Friday night and I’m heading out with my Dad for a romantic dinner for two. We go out every week for “bonding time” after a long week of work. Our place of choice is the Cactus Club in Delta because we get treated like Kings by the staff. The service is impeccable, the atmosphere rocks and the food is amazing. I usually order the same thing every week. I’d love to eat what my dad does, but my kidney’s health restricts my die a lot. It’s a blessing in disguise because I stay lean and super healthy year round by making the right choices. Every restaurant has healthy options on the menu, but I take it a bit further. My dad calls me “high maintenance”. I’m a steak man once a week and the cactus has a juicy, flavourful 7oz Filet Mignon. No seasoning with a large side horse radish. It’s the one condiment I can eat because it’s low sodium.

This is the key to staying lean ladies and gentlemen. Low Sodium. Besides, seasoning and BBQ sauces mask the true flavour of the beef. Let the fatty flecks do their job as they melt in your mouth. Sodium is the almost inescapable silent killer and wreaks havoc on the body. Not only does it elevate the blood pressure, it retains water in and around muscle. Not the greatest when flexing your abs on the beach. I always order a salad with my steak. The leafier the better. No cheese or bacon and I always order the dressing on the side. You never know how much they toss into your greens and this way you can monitor it. A tablespoon is plenty. Almonds and walnuts are also a great addition for texture and crunch, so I usually sneak a small bag in my jacket. Don’t get me wrong, the candied pecans are tasty, but who knows what they are made of. I also enjoy hot tea with my meal, but if dad drives then I enjoy a 6oz glass of red wine. My favourite is the J.Lohr Cabernet Savignon. It get’s the blood flowing and tastes great with everything. Other than that I like to watch my Dad order his bowl of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate balls at the end of our meal. We sit, take in the beautiful scenery and talk art and business. It’s one of my most favourite things to do. Two guys on the town.

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