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Vancouver Convention Center

Gun Bouquets

Live Art 101

Fortune Sound Club

Raibead Logo Skull

Battle of the Brush – Chapel Arts

Breast Cancer Awareness

Arthur Erickson Waterfall Gallery

Bloom Market – Fort Langley


Over 2,500 international delegates representing airlines, airports and tourism authorities from every continent gathered in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre from September 19 to 21 for The 16th World Route Development Forum. Taking place for the first time in North America, World Routes 2010 is the largest annual gathering of the air route development industry. I painted live at this event and met people from all over the world. The completed artwork now hangs in the Berlin airport.

This painting is called Happy Vincent, titled after Vincent Van Gogh. I had the idea to create this controversial series of gun paintings after hearing about all the gun violence around the world and especially in Surrey, BC where I grew up. These floral bouquets counteract violence and showcase firearms in a harmless and beautiful way. There are over 60 works within the series with many more to come. Collectors can customize their Bouquet commissions with their favorite flowers and guns.

On February 9th, 2013 I gave an art talk/demo for a attentive audience at Opus Art Supplies in Langley, BC. I called this seminar "Live Art 101 – Eat, Sleep, Breathe Art with Brent Ray Fraser". This 6ft by 6ft English Bay acrylic skull painting was created while I talked about pursuing a life as an artist. My techniques and strategies were shared to give a better understanding of what it's like to eat, sleep, and breathe art.

The award-winning Beauty Night Society co-hosted the “Luxury Travel, Art & Beauty Fundraiser” with LuvnGrace Entertainment at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver's historic Chinatown in November 2012. I performed live in a Zoro-like mask while lip-syncing Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma. After dancing around a 99% alcohol fire show and revealing a large 5ft by 8ft canvas, I painted a massive skull for the audience. This photo was taken at the very end of the performance just before I bowed.

This skull was commissioned and created inside my studio for an art collector/friend's dining room. The circle of trust is portrayed within the Raibead logo. A Raibead collector myself, I was honored to create this positively charged skull!

I was invited to paint live during the half time show at the battle of the Brush Competition at Chapel Arts in Vancouver, BC in 2012. The Battle of the Brush is a live painting competition where multiple teams of artists compete in a time-limited competition before their spontaneous collective works are displayed and judged by local art connoisseurs. It was an honor to entertain everyone with my PUMPED! Live art show. I knocked out Mike Tyson, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and beat myself to a pulp with gloves dipped in florescent paint. A special thanks to Kevan Seng, J Won Suh and Bill Higginson for putting on a great event!

After my mom battled and beat breast cancer twice, I had the idea to construct a massive painting made out of donated bras to raise awareness. I started collecting bras from friends and family and got the attention of the media. After a front page article in the Vancouver Metro Newspaper, I received bra donations from all over the world. An original goal of 500 landed me 1556 in total. Each brassiere was adhered to two 7ft by 7ft custom wood panels. The bras were painted white with hints of pink to pay tribute to those who have battled breast cancer. I created the work at the Vancouver Art Gallery and was interviewed by Johanna Ward from Go! Vancouver. This photo was taken in front of the gallery while being filmed for the television interview in the summer of 2012.

After painting live on the Real Housewives of Vancouver at the Arthur Erickson Waterfall Gallery, I was invited back to the gallery to work for an entire week. I transformed the gallery into an open house studio and held five minute live performances all day everyday. Large skulls were strategically created from scratch and I had the opportunity to meet hundreds new faces. A very special thanks to Joseph Mackinnon for opening his gallery to my art.

I was invited to paint live at the Fort Langley Bloom Market in the summer of 2012. Local art lovers gathered to watch me paint two colorful skulls as they perused the market in the sun. This photo was taken at that end of the day when almost everyone was gone. Two young girls patiently watched me paint all day and stayed till the very end. Thanks girls!

On July 19, 2012 I painted live at the FIVESIXTY Club in Vancouver, BC. This Black & White event celebrated local artists and designers with several on stage performances including a sexy Victoria Secret style fashion show. Perfect for creating a massive black and white skull with my shirt ripped off.

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