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Battle of the Brush Half-time Show

Cascade Casino Live Art

The Taboo Sex Show

The Last Supper Guerrilla Performance

World AIDS Day Charity Performamce

Breast Cancer Awareness

WHAAM! Live Webcam Performance

The Female Minotaur

Bloom Market Live Art

Fortune Sound Club

Crowds of art enthusiasts gather in October 2012 at Chapel Arts, a large warehouse space in Vancouver, BC to watch a live, timed painting competition called Battle of the Brush. Brent Ray Fraser burst onto the stage like Rocky Balboa, ready to tackle the heavy weight champions, of the modern art world. As the half-time show, his unorthodox performance, aptly named PUMPED! left the audience in stunned amazement, as he knocked out Mike Tyson, Andy Warhol, and Jean Michel Basquiat, and beat himself to a pulp with gloves dipped in florescent paint. Special thanks to Kevan Seng, J Won Suh, and Bill Higginson for putting on a great event!

Brent Ray Fraser loves giving back to the community and on May 11, 2013 donating his time and art, he painted live for the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation charity gala on stage at Cascades Casino. Immersing himself in his work, Fraser let his hands move across the canvas, his fingers pulling and stretching the white paint like a sculpture working in one dimension. The skull appears, full of dynamic energy and life, like the artist himself.

A perfect snapshot of the searing heat and vibrant glow that befalls a hushed audience in a Brent Ray Fraser live stage performance. Fully immersed in his painting, the crowd becomes an invisible force, their energy coursing through him to the canvas, leaving his penis indelibly imprinted on stage at the 2014 Taboo Sex Show in Vancouver, BC.

Inspired by his first live guerrilla dining performance on the infamous corner of Main & Hastings Streets in Vancouver on June 18, 2014, where the focus was solely on him, his second controversial art supper on December 26, 2014 draws inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Brent Ray Fraser bares himself fully to the colourful residents of the Downtown Eastside to partake in a meal, and a moment of elegant refinement in the most unexpected of places. This moment captures the inquisitive nature of all the diners, each asking questions, telling stories, sharing respect and dignity.

Red, the colour that in a symbol has come to represent the unity in the fight against AIDs-a disease that defined a decade, and must not be forgotten-is the dominant force in this picture. Taken at the World AIDs Day 2014 fundraiser at the Pumpjack nightclub in Vancouver, BC it showcases two of our city’s finest entertainment artists. Who better to insight a crowd into sharing their generosity than the unforgettable Brent Ray Fraser and the unstoppable Conni Smudge? Red, the colour that courses through us, and unites all of us in a harmonious riot of colour as bright as the spots in Brent’s painting.

Bras were designed to support a woman’s breasts. In support of his mother who has not only battled and but beat breast cancer twice, Brent Ray Fraser constructed a massive painting made out of donated bras to help raise awareness to this cause so close to his heart. What started off as a collection from family and friends, his project attracted the attention of the media, and after a front-page article in the paper Metro News-Vancouver edition support came in the form of bras from all over the world. With an original goal of 500, he ended up with a total of 1556, each one is adhered to two 7ft by 7ft custom wood panels. All of the bras were painted white with subtle hints of pink to pay tribute to all those who have battled breast cancer. Fraser created the work on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery and the interview by Johanna Ward from Go! Vancouver was aired on television in the summer of 2012.

Standing fearless and proud in front of one of his penis-painted Idol Worship creations, Brent Ray Fraser takes a moment to step back and observe his work. Painted live during a webcam performance, completed on April 24, 2014, it’s a tribute to one of modern art’s most iconic paintings WHAAM! by Roy Lichtenstein. BRF chose this particular painting because he loves the daring use of primary colours, vivid black lines and the powerful, explosive subject matter that cannot be concealed by its simplistic style.

Working with an avid collector in 2014, and given the freedom to take an idea they discussed and turn into a Brent Ray Fraser original, he brought to life his ultimate fantasy of a female Minotaur. Blending highly sexualized visuals, strong lines, and bold spots in scintillating colours to create the curves of her body, nothing can take your eyes away from the powerfully sexy beast staring back at you.

Enjoying a sunny summer day at the Fort Langley Bloom Market in 2012, locals and art lovers gathered to watch Brent Ray Fraser paint two beautifully coloured skulls. Painting out in public, the energy and vibe of the crowd evolves as his painting comes to life on the canvas. Two young girls enthralled, stayed until the very end! Thanks girls!

Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown held a sumptuous event on November 2012—the “Luxury Travel, Art & Beauty Fundraiser” co-hosted by Beauty Night Society, and LuvnGrace Entertainment. Like a seductive Don Juan in a Zorro-style mask, Brent Ray Fraser danced and lip-synched around a 99% alcohol-fueled fire show to Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma revealing a large 5ft by 8ft canvas. Fraser painted a massive skull for the audience, and this photo was taken at the very end, just before he bowed.

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