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Brent Ray Fraser

Man + Masterpiece


BRF Backstory

Since graduating from Emily Carr University, Fraser’s work has been widely exhibited, including shows in Toronto, Seattle and Vancouver.  His public art performances are notorious and wildly popular – including his guerrilla art piece done at the Tate Modern.

Delve Deeper

Learn more about the back story and private sanctum of Brent Ray Fraser in all of its fascinating details. From his extensive exhibition history to his current works – discover all the weird and wonderful things that delight his senses. In other words, see Brent Ray Fraser laid bare.

Custom Art Commissions

Brent Ray Fraser is sought after by interior designers, private companies and personal collectors for his custom commissioned artwork.


Transforming Space

Brent believes in turning every blank wall into a WOW moment that can add unique distinction and beauty to any space.



Having provided custom artwork for homes and hotels, bedrooms and boardrooms, restaurants and retail spaces – Fraser works closely with all his clients to provide them with original artwork that fits to their style, theme and budget.

Media Site

Discover The Man Behind The Media Sensation

Media Frenzy

The BRF Media Site provides awesome insight into Brent’s creative world and hot links to articles, performance videos, television clips and videos gone viral.  See why they’re calling Fraser’s artwork “startling, stunning, brash” – and  “saucy”.

Silo Studio

Also get an amazing look inside Brent’s infamous silo – his one man theater in the round where many of his notorious performance art pieces take place.  Pin-up girls, muffin tins, disco balls and blow up dolls – the silo itself is a living work of art.


Sexxxplosions is an inspiring insight into art + sex acting as a primal instinct in all of us.


The Sexxxy Scene

Artist-provocateur Brent Ray Fraser brings together these two essential aspects of himself by making art that is sexy and smart. His paintings, prints and videos are sincere expressions of sexuality and beauty – luring us into creative fantasy and desire.



Instinctive + Inspirational

An Inspiring source for the way that both art and sex come together as one.  Like Renoir was rumoured to have done, Fraser frequently paints with his penis to put all his life-giving power into his work. His world is a pleasure dome open for everyone to play in. Be prepared to have your mind blown.



A World Of Beauty Starts Here


Explosive Artistry

Brent Ray Fraser’s artworks have earned critical favour and attention from audiences everywhere. Earning multiple awards and garnering an international legion of fans.



Raw, Clever, Colourful and Kinky

From Floral Gun Bouquets bursting with energy and Idol Worship suggestively teasing iconic paintings, to collages exploring the wild-side of contemporary culture and his own personal performances – each one a conceptual treat for the senses that will leave you wanting more.

XXX Videos

Let Brent fuel your artistic + fetishistic fantasies.


Can Porn Be Art?

In the hands of perpetual provocateur Brent Ray Fraser, the answer is YES.


Vivacious Videos

Fraser’s collection of sexually-charged videos turn porn into performance – exploring the potential of fetish fantasy and desire.  With new self-directed pieces loaded up every week, watch Brent as he bares all in these vivacious videos like no other artist has done before.